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99 Name Of Allah In Bangla Pdf 44 [PORTABLE]

December 26, 2022

99 Name Of Allah In Bangla Pdf 44 [PORTABLE]

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99 Name Of Allah In Bangla Pdf 44

Every human life is sacred and inviolable, for it is an expression and the reality of the love that God has received from the Father for all his children in Jesus Christ. “He is the image and glory of God, the One who is that, and who remains forever the same: the same in all times and in every place.” (Col 1:15-16). Among all these different peoples, whose diversities are at times great, it is the Church, as guardian of the mystery of the faith, which is primarily called to champion the unconditional value of human life. But this is also the Church’s vocation in the world. The sin of killing human life has echoed in all times and in all parts: it is a “reproach on an evil day” (IS 6:7). Already in the Old Testament, people and groups found ready to defend human life in the cases of the people of Amalek, the kings of Edom or Israelite kings; and in the New Testament, the Apostles make it known that “all men are descended from one man, our common Father; and we are all members of one body” (Ph 1:27). In the long course of history, the Church has been a voice of humanity which has sought justice for all, especially on the theme of the killing of human life. At the time when the Church dealt with the fundamental questions of humanity, this was the concern of the Church of Christ. A, revised formulation of the declaration of the Second Vatican Council on defending and protecting human life, which, with the right accent, was incorporated in Gaudium Et Spes, sums up the teaching which the Church has upheld in every age on this theme (GS 25):

The Church, the universal sacrament of salvation, in proclaiming the truth and not in refusing it, summons all men to recognise the dignity of each human being and each human being to recognise himself or herself as having that dignity. This will enable men to overcome the acts of violence which negate the dignity of the human person and to convert personal interests into values which unite and make possible a world united in friendship….


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