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Anurag Album Max 2 12

December 26, 2022

Anurag Album Max 2 12



Anurag Album Max 2 12

Sachin, who leads two wayward brothers in his hometown of Mumbai, falls in love with an extrovert named Sela who eventually marries his older brother. Raisa is a girl from a poor family attending college when she meets Sachin. They fall in love and their lives take a swirly course. This is a French remake of Malayalam movie Kadha Thudarunnu, which was based on the 2002 Malayalam film Varavu Sthambattyam. Though the remake retains most of the elements of the original, it is closer to the original story and avoids many of the romance and action scenes; the movie instead plays out like an interesting drama with a really corny romantic twist at the end.

In the state of Bihar, the Anjalika N {Nayanthara}’s character is the reigning queen of Chitrasena, the secret society of Rajputs. She will have to to decide if she will accept the alliance proposal of a widow’s son and his son to her ex-husband. This is the first film in which Nayanthara plays a prominent role. The film is also the first Indian film to premiere at the Asian Film Festival in Toronto.[26]

She begins studying law in Bombay, becoming distracted with two rogue brothers (Charlie and Dev as she privately calls them) who are altering the course of her life. She begins a shameful affair with Dev, and the two even travel all the way to the US to escape his wife Fahima, the mother of Charlie. Charlie wants to stop them, and Fahima pleads with Nayanthara to return home, which she does. It is only at this point that Nayanthara finds out about her husband Richa and Charlie is revealed to be Richa’s father, which sets the entire plot in motion. Charlie and Dev are both killed in the climax and Nayanthara vows revenge. This last segment was filmed in Pune, (code-named) stretch.


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