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January 13, 2023

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On July 24, Director of Thor: Ragnarok (2017) has issued a statement indicating that films and developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not be affected by Avengers: Infinity War’s release. Similar to the two previous Thor sequels, Ragnarok was stated to be a standalone film which will be unrelated to future Marvel films.

However, several details have been revealed which provide more context to the future of the character and universe as a whole. The first confirmed piece of information is that the current plot of Infinity War will be concluded by Ragnarok and will lead into the next solo film for Thor. There will be no role for any of the other Avengers which were introduced in the previous three installments of the MCU.

In a recent interview, it was confirmed that the events of Infinity War will set the stage for the next solo film of Thor. As of now, Tom Hiddleston is reportedly the front-runner to reprise his role as Thor in the movie and should it be confirmed that he will be in Infinity War, that would exclude Chris Hemsworth from appearing as the God of Thunder. Beyond that, several new characters will be introduced as well.

In fact, the first three Avengers movies introduced a variety of characters from the Marvel Universe who are connected to the Infinity Stones and are part of the Infinity Saga. All of them have been revealed to be present in Thor: Ragnarok and it appears that the current filming schedule will include their appearance in Infinity War. The Infinity Stones are required for the energy to flow through the universe and Thanos has the six Infinity Stones of the six Infinity Stones, half of the remaining five and the Tessaract.

The events of Infinity War are set to bring the remaining Stones to Earth and it is currently unclear which of them will be utilized in the final battle. By using six stones, Thanos will be able to destroy half of the universe and may have the potential to do more damage. However, no one knows how many films have to be made to collect and use all the Infinity Stones and no one knows if the Infinity War will be a stand-alone movie.

Thor and other characters are still on set in New York as they have been filming since July 21 while Infinity War is expected to be released in 2018. There are also no plans to release any more films in the series.

There is no confirmation on the renewal of the franchise with only Kevin Feige (who is known for creating the MCU


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