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Art Of Analog Layout By Alan Hastings Pdf |BEST| Free Download 👊

December 26, 2022

Art Of Analog Layout By Alan Hastings Pdf |BEST| Free Download 👊



Art Of Analog Layout By Alan Hastings Pdf Free Download

When you use package-on-package, you will need to manage the thermal connection of the packages, but you need to consider more than just the two packages. You will need to consider the resisistors, any heatsinks, the die, and even the ground plane/chassis. You won’t be able to simply talk to it with a laser trim tool, because you must connect the probe to the stitching of the modules. This can easily become a very complex problem. A chip engineer and layout person working together may be able to arrive at a solution, but I’ve never seen one :/ Good luck 🙂

It has been common to see as many as three or four different 1E (equivalent) circuits per IP. This can very. It can also be misleading. It is easy to eliminate the options that have the same 1E load per node, but it may be difficult to eliminate options that have very similar options and differ only at some various point in the circuit. The best approach is to ask what the likely frequency response is. You can never tell in advance what the frequency response will be, so you also can’t know what will be a good match and what will not be a good match.

1. Pick a process that has deep aluminum and copper. Creating a good electrical contact is difficult when some of the layers are thin. For example, when using poly layers for the most sensitive polysilicon components, it is easier to get a good contact with an Al2O3 passivation than a thick poly layer

2. Pick a process with a sufficiently thick epi. A good epi means that the doped silicon is typically 500 nm or more. This enables small-signal isolation between devices. AFM testing can indicate things like wafer damage, but it’s hard to use for isolation. It is easy to observe shorts and resistors that are not close to their target values, but not easy to see if there is significant signal “leakage”

I recommend the schematics/layouts for Juspertor mplab and Fritzing. The layout files from the Juspertor site are slightly outdated but still better than those that come with your free tools. Hopefully the free tools will soon be updated to add these features.


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