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Download X Browser Pc UPD 💪

July 8, 2023

Download X Browser PC: A Guide to the Best Browser for Gamers and Browsers

If you are looking for a browser that can give you an unparalleled gaming and browsing experience on your PC, you might want to check out X Browser PC. X Browser PC is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers and browsers. It has unique features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, Discord and Twitch integration, VPN server, and Flow file-sharing. In this article, we will show you how to download X Browser PC, and why it is the best browser for gamers and browsers.

What is X Browser PC?

X Browser PC is a browser that combines speed, privacy, and customization. It is based on the Opera GX browser, which is the world’s first gaming browser. X Browser PC lets you set limits on CPU, RAM, and Network usage, so you can get the most out of both gaming and browsing. It also has a built-in ad blocker and VPN server to protect your privacy and access unblocked content.

A browser that supports VPN, Discord, Twitch, and Flow

X Browser PC also has some amazing features that make it stand out from other browsers. For example, it has a sidebar that lets you use Discord and Twitch from within the browser. You can easily see the channels you follow, who’s online, and get notifications when someone goes live. You can also chat with your teams, friends, and communities with Discord in your sidebar.

Another cool feature of X Browser PC is Flow. Flow is a file-sharing feature that lets you connect your mobile and desktop browsers with a QR code. You can send links, videos, files, and notes to yourself in a single click, and access them instantly on all your devices.

How to download X Browser PC?

Downloading X Browser PC is easy and fast. You can choose from three options:

Download from the official website

The easiest way to download X Browser PC is from its official website. Just go to [this link](^1^) and click on “Download Opera GX”. The download will start automatically. Once it’s done, run the installer and follow the instructions. You can also customize your installation options by clicking on “Options”.

Download from the Chrome Web Store

If you are already using Chrome as your browser, you can also download X Browser PC from the Chrome Web Store. Just go to [this link](^2^) and click on “Add to Chrome”. A pop-up will appear asking for your permission. Click on “Add extension” and wait for it to install. You can then launch X Browser PC from your Chrome toolbar.

Download from the Microsoft Store

If you are using Windows 10 as your operating system, you can also download X Browser PC from the Microsoft Store. Just go to [this link](^3^) and click on “Get”. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Store app on your PC. Click on “Install” and wait for it to finish. You can then launch X Browser PC from your Start menu or taskbar.

Why choose X Browser PC?

There are many reasons why you should choose X Browser PC as your browser. Here are some of them:

Enjoy the fastest browsing speeds and unblocked content

X Browser PC is designed to give you the best browsing performance possible. It has a Turbo mode that boosts your browsing speed by compressing web pages and images. It also has a VPN server that lets you access any website or content that might be blocked or censored in your region. You can choose from over 10 VPN locations and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and data. With X Browser PC, you can browse the web freely and securely.

Customize your browser with themes, wallpapers, and pinboards

X Browser PC is also a browser that lets you express your personality and style. You can customize your browser with different themes, wallpapers, and pinboards. You can choose from hundreds of themes and wallpapers that match your mood and preferences. You can also create your own pinboards where you can save and organize your favorite websites, images, videos, and notes. You can access your pinboards from any device with X Browser PC.

Stay connected with your gaming community and friends

X Browser PC is more than just a browser. It is also a platform where you can connect with your gaming community and friends. You can use the sidebar to access Discord and Twitch, where you can chat, watch, and stream your favorite games. You can also use the Flow feature to share files, links, and notes with yourself or others. You can also sync your X Browser PC settings and data across all your devices with a single account.


X Browser PC is a browser that offers you the best of both worlds: gaming and browsing. It has features that optimize your performance, protect your privacy, and enhance your experience. It is easy to download and install, and it is compatible with Chrome extensions and Windows 10 apps. If you are looking for a browser that can handle your gaming and browsing needs, you should definitely give X Browser PC a try.


Here are some frequently asked questions about X Browser PC:

Question Answer
Is X Browser PC free? Yes, X Browser PC is free to download and use. You can also use the VPN server for free with unlimited bandwidth and data.
Is X Browser PC safe? Yes, X Browser PC is safe to use. It has a built-in ad blocker and VPN server that protect you from malicious ads, trackers, and hackers. It also has a malware scanner that detects and removes harmful files from your downloads.
Is X Browser PC compatible with Chrome extensions? Yes, X Browser PC is compatible with most Chrome extensions. You can download them from the Chrome Web Store or the Opera Add-ons Store.
Is X Browser PC available for Mac or Linux? No, X Browser PC is only available for Windows 10 PCs. However, you can use the Opera GX browser for Mac or Linux, which has similar features as X Browser PC.
How do I contact X Browser PC support? You can contact X Browser PC support by visiting [this link] and filling out the form. You can also check out the [help page] for more information.


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