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Hatsukoi Takeda Ayumi 15 Sai 🔹

January 14, 2023

Hatsukoi Takeda Ayumi 15 Sai 🔹

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Hatsukoi Takeda Ayumi 15 Sai

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bada BHUBAN BHUBAN – BHUBAN – Vibhutipunna Bandhu
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bada BHUBAN – BHUBAN – Vibhutipunna Bandhu
Emma Wallace (Holly Aniston) has been fired from her job working at the law firm that represents her father’s company�s largest client. The firm�s financial director, Allison Williams (Emma Stone) was actually hired to ensure that her company gets the largest share of the law firm�s client money. Emma is displeased with Williams’ methods in ensuring the firm�s slice of the pie. Meanwhile, her father is furious about Allison�s betrayal. He fires Allison and puts Emma on a consultancy contract with the company�s top competitor. Emma is now in a position to obtain much bigger raises for herself and her father’s company. Emma wants to complete her task and then get a full-time job with the law firm�s client. Emma has received some valuable tips on approaching the client�s new


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