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Lucid Electronics Workbench Keygen Generator

January 14, 2023

Lucid Electronics Workbench Keygen Generator


Lucid Electronics Workbench Keygen Generator

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How do you allow a developer to copy his own code into SharePoint without first having to login as a SharePoint Administrator?

I’m creating an application that will allow developers to use an app to update a field in a list item without having to first login as the list owner.
For this reason I would like the developer to be able to save, view, edit, delete or otherwise navigate to the list item without first having to login as a SharePoint administrator.
There is a rather detailed walkthrough here:
Unfortunately it’s a 2007 article (Which someone can’t just copy code from), uses complex WSP deployment techniques and requires AD administrators to set permissions for the web app.
I’ve discovered that modern SharePoint also allows the developer to login without having to be a user in site collection administration:
SharePoint 2010 Developer
When a developer requests access to the SharePoint 2010 Developer ribbon, they are prompted to select a SharePoint group that is assigned permissions to the site. Once permission is granted, the developer can login with their domain account.
I cannot find much information on this. Does anyone have any details on this?
If I’m providing too little information, please ask for any additional details you need.


Site collection administrators are not needed to create a SharePoint App. Creating a custom App in SharePoint 2010 is a fairly low risk activity compared to creating SharePoint Apps for enterprise sites so there should be no risk of a sharepoint web app password being stolen.
It is very important to know that a developer will be able to access your site collections, so you will need to lock down access to certain areas of the site. See here for an excellent document on SharePoint security.

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