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Mojoworld 3.1 Professionnel

December 26, 2022

Mojoworld 3.1 Professionnel

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Mojoworld 3.1 Professionnel

I just updated this software to MojoWorld v3.1 like 5 mins ago and now when I launch it it gives me a message stating that the resource information cannot be found. MojoWorld should be able to be run when the game Mojo2 is sent in from the Amstrad website. Please can anyone help?

The original MojoWorld was a program by Cornelius Greenstreet that allowed users to create animated planet scenes in a standalone fashion, allowing the user to change lighting, camera angles and other settings. It was released in 1997 and supported Quicktime VR in an early though buggy version.[2] In 2002 version 2.0.1 of MojoWorld was released that would chronologically move the release of the program to be after that of animation software such as AfterEffects.

All releases of MojoWorld are unique, and the program is not related to other programs such as SpaceWorld, but instead is a stand-alone piece of software. MojoWorld 2 was the first version to have a Plugin Architecture that allowed users to exchange plugins.


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