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NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 50 [EXCLUSIVE]

December 26, 2022

NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 50 [EXCLUSIVE]



NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 50

The re-release of Super Mario Sunshine sold over one million copies on the GameCube by the end of 2003.[54] According to GameSpot, “Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most well-known games on the GameCube”.[55] Game Informer commented, “Its graphics are sharper than those on the GameCube. Its music is catchy. Its gameplay is solid”.[56] IGN critics felt that Super Mario Sunshine’s graphics and gameplay were superior to those of Super Mario 64, though IGN felt that Super Mario Sunshine had poor graphics and a poor script.[5] GameSpot was more positive, calling the script “one of the most original to appear on any game system”.[56] IGN reviewers felt that Super Mario Sunshine had greater depth than Super Mario 64, while GameSpot felt that its attempt to add complexity had backfired. GameSpot stated that Super Mario Sunshine had “a new set of collectibles and a tricky time-freezing mechanic that do add some hidden layers to the game”.[56] IGN believed that the game’s brilliance was “not dependent on its gameplay but on setting a bold new standard in the game world”.[5]

Super Mario Sunshine was ranked as the best GameCube game in Electronic Gaming Monthly’s 2008 retrospective. IGN commented that “Super Mario Sunshine raised the bar for 2D platformers again. It pushed the boundaries, but in the end, even with Nintendo’s know-how, finding the next big thing seems impossible”.[57] Super Mario Sunshine served as a showcase for the GameCube’s capabilities, with GameSpot calling it “the ideal game to showcase the GameCube’s hottest feature”.[56] In Nintendo Power’s list of “The Most Important GameCube Games”.[58]

In 2007, IGN listed Super Mario Sunshine as the last of the GameCube’s top ten “best games from the past decade”.[59] It ranked number one in Game Informer’s list of the best GameCube games from 2001 to 2007, with IGN stating that “Super Mario Sunshine proves just how advanced the GameCube graphics can become. Like the GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine arrived with only modest expectations, filling them with a surprising brilliance”.


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